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Funny hairdressing fact, 15 things your hairdresser wants you to know

1. A cut and a trim cost the same. You aren’t paying for the amount of hair on the floor, you are paying for the hair left on your head.

2. Trying to request “whoever does best” is one of the rudest things you can do in a salon. This also includes asking me if I know what I am doing. That’s why I have a license. And you should do research before picking the chair to sit in

3. You should NOT be able to count your layers.

4. Yes. Those are the “only days I work.”

5. “Short, but not too short” is NOT a legitimate measurement.

6. When you say you want it “exactly like this picture, but not that short” then you DON’T want it exactly like that picture.

7. No, you will never look like Beyoncé, Halle Berry or Eva Longoria with box color.

8. Saying you want something completely different without cutting too much off or changing the color is NOT POSSIBLE.

9. Don’t ask me if I have anything earlier after asking me to schedule you for my earliest available time.

10. If you come in late, it is only forgivable if you have a coffee for me.

11. You knew your birthday was coming up longggg before now. No, I cannot “squeeze you in.”

12. No, you cannot eat a full meal while I am doing your hair.

13. If you walk in the door 10 min before closing, you are not getting a haircut.

14. Don’t try to “help” by holding your head up while I’m shampooing. I promise your head is not that heavy. I can pick it up.

15. And, no, it is NOT the least stressful job out there. Anyone who says that has never stood behind a chair 8-13 hours a day.

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